Reservoir Quality Study

Evaluating the reservoir rock properties of a Geothermal project


Reservoir Quality Study

Evaluating the Reservoir Rock Properties of a Geothermal Project


Geothermal Energy

Using the Power of the Earth

Geothermal Energy offers potential for renewable baseload electricity, a source of heat for greenhouses, and district heating systems.

At ERCE, we understand the subsurface and how to quantify uncertainty. We also understand the real life challenges of developing an economic project, based on resources far underground.


How We Can Help

Regional Geological Modelling
Static Modelling
Resource Quantification
Cost Estimation
Economic Modelling
Independent Assessment
Climate Risk
Opportunity Assessment

Whether you are a developer, investor or lender, we can help you understand the uncertainty and risk in a given project. We can also help you understand the emissions potential of your project.

Using that information we can then help you prepare and communicate with stakeholders, including regulators, sources of finance and even the voluntary carbon credit markets.